Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine Review

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Suppose you want clean and clear water to drink in your home without buying cases of bottled water. If so,  you might want to invest in a small countertop water filter, something like the one we are about to review.

Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine

The Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine is a small, convenient, yet efficient countertop water filtration system. Keep in mind that this is a relatively high-end unit with a price tag to match.

Who is This Product For?

The Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine is for people who want cleaner and clearer drinking water without having to install an extensive water filtration system in their homes.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine, you get exactly that, a small water filtration system with the required media for filtration, a faucet diverter, and a connecter hose. It has a limited 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Overview of Features

The Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine fits all standard kitchen faucets. All you need to do is use the included hose and diverter valve to attach this unit to your faucet. The diverter valve allows you to use the faucet like you usually would, or you can divert water into this unit.

Compared to full-size water filtration systems, whether whole house or under-sink models, the Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine is much smaller and more space-efficient. Be aware that this unit sits on your counter, so it does take up counter space, but it’s not as massive as a full-size filtration unit.

On that same note, while the Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine is no beauty, it has a black coat and a relatively sleek design. As far as kitchen appliances and equipment go, this is pretty standard.

The Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine features dual filtration cartridges for various stages of filtration. Keep in mind that these cartridges are small, so they will need to be replaced on a fairly regular basis.  This machine can remove over 220 different contaminants from your drinking water.

We think it is impressive for a small unit of this size, yet it does not come close to a full-size filtration system that can remove well over 1,000 substances from the water. However, there are many whole house water filtration systems that cost less than this little countertop model.

However, the Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine increases the alkaline content of your water; in other words, it produces water full of calcium and other minerals that your body needs for proper function and good health.

On a side note, the Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine does not require any electricity, so you don’t have to plug it in or worry about batteries.


There is really not much to know about installing the Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine. All you have to do is use the included diverter valve and the hose to attach it to your standard kitchen sink. Be aware, you cannot connect this unit to a non-standard kitchen faucet, such as sprayers and pull-out faucets.

All of that said, if you need help installing this filter, take a look at the video we have included here:


  • Very simple
  • Easy to install
  • Works as advertised
  • Removes 220 substances
  • Adds healthy minerals
  • Space efficient


  • Bigtime price
  • Not very fast
  • Cartridges require replacement quite often


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If the Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine is too expensive for you, or maybe you want a model with more filtration capabilities, something like the APEC Top Tier Supreme Certified Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System might be better for you. It may be harder to install, and there are more components to deal with, but it also has much better filtration, not to mention that it costs less.


The Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine is a nifty little gadget that works well to purify water and add healthy minerals to the mix. We think that it looks decent, it doesn’t take up much space, and is easy to install. It may be a bit on the expensive side of things, but it does work.

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