APEC Supreme Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System Review

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Finding the right water filtration system for your kitchen sink is not easy. There are so many choices out there that it can make your head spin. Today, we want to show you one of the best water filtration systems.

APEC Supreme Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

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The APEC Supreme Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is a relatively high-end under-sink water filtration system that is easy to install and will bring you plenty of benefits.

Who is This Product For?

The APEC Supreme Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is for people who want an efficient and high-end water filtration system located under the sink. This unit is made for people who also want some added mineral content in their water. If you like drinking clean and healthy water, this system could be for you.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the APEC Supreme Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System, you get a large steel water tank, all of the fittings and connectors, the housing, mounting hardware, and all required filtration media too. It might not be the cheapest option out there, but it does come with everything you need.

Overview of Features

One of the most impressive features of the APEC Supreme Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is the five-stage system, with each stage bringing a different benefit to the table. Let’s take discuss each of these filtration stages and what they do for your water.

The first stage is a high-grade 5 micron, 10-inch high-capacity polypropylene sediment filter, which can remove all sorts of particulates from water, including rust, dirt, sand, and more. This helps to protect the rest of the filter, your pipes, and hardware from damage.

The second and third stages consist of a block of activated carbon, which removes bad tastes, odors, colors, chlorine, and volatile organic compounds from the water.

The fourth stage consists of a Filmtec (Dow chemical) high rejection TFC reverse osmosis membrane, with the ability to remove 99% of TDS (total dissolved solids) and arsenic, lead fluoride, chromium, radium, and others.

The fifth and final filtration stage is an advanced coconut shell carbon filter designed for TCR (total contaminant removal).

What needs to be said about all of these separate filters is that they are dual capacity filters, which means that they work harder and last longer. In terms of maintenance, the filter media needs to be replaced every 12 months, give or take.

It is also worth mentioning that the APEC Supreme Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System creates pH-enhanced water with added high-purity calcium carbonate. In other words, this unit works to add beneficial minerals to the water.

Moreover, although it may look intimidating, installing the APEC Supreme Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is relatively easy. It comes with all of the necessary connections and hardware. You really just have to assemble the components, and you are good to go.

All in all, we think that this is one of the very best reverse osmosis under-sink water filtration systems available.


Although installing the APEC Supreme Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is not overly complicated, there are some steps to follow. In case you need a bit of help installing this unit, check out the excellent tutorial video that we have included.


  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Great five-stage filtration
  • Adds healthy minerals into the water
  • Decent processing rate


  • Quite expensive
  • Takes up a lot of space


There is no denying that this is a costly water filtration system. If it’s too much for you, a more affordable option is the Express Water – ROALK5D Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filtration System with a whopping ten stages of filtration,

If you want something that can filter the water for your whole house as soon as it enters your home, then you may want to check out the Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter.


While the APEC Supreme Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is a relatively expensive unit, it also needs about half as much maintenance and about half the filter replacements as other models. Not only does this unit work as advertised, even better in fact, but if you consider the filter replacements, you will probably end up saving money in the long run.

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